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Fully Responsive, Secure, Fast

Take a look at some of the features of Bed State Tracker.

How does bed state tracker work?

To use bed state tracker a CCG signs up to use the service. They then pass the details of the current care homes under their jurisdiction to us – this usually comes to us in the form of a spreadsheet

We then create the CCGs unique, secured bed state tracker and create records and logons for each home

These details go back to the CCG who then distribute the details to their care homes when they are ready for go live. We can also distribute the details to the homes for the CCG if required (dependent on the need of that particular CCG)

We also send very clear, simple usage instructions and have directly linked training videos on the portal

A Discharge Co-ordinator account is also provided. The CCG can give this account to all its discharge co-ordinators for viewing the current bed state data

Our 24/7 365 help desk deals with all help and support enquires including password resets and accounts queries

We typically on-board all new CCGs and their homes within 24 hours of signup and on boarding is fast, painless and free

What type of data is stored?

We only store the data you send us – which is generally the home details (which are available online anyway). The homes update their bed state in real time – nothing more (defiantly no PID!) - our full GDPR stetment can be found here

Where is the data hosted?

All the data is housed in our three English data centres all manned and operated 24/7 by UK resident citizens

How secure is the data?

The data is secured and encrypted completely at rest in the OS and in SQL and all data transmissions between the front and backend is protected by SSL as well as our very own UK Patented Encryption (Think of it as dual layer encryption). All transmissions to and from the front end are secured by the latest certificate technology

Can we come and have a look at your setup?

Of course you can. Just call us on the number provided or use the contact form to arrange a visit.

Do we need to host anything?


Can we host it ourselves if we choose to?

We do have an option for an on premise version and we also have an option to synchronise the data to your platform if you wish – so the short answer is yes, you can host it yourselves if you wish

So what’s the catch?

There is no catch – this is a software as a service product hosted, secured and supported 24/7 365 by Sundown Solutions Ltd

You literally sign up and start using the service…

National Link

National Link is the consolidated and rolled up view of ALL of our customers nursing home spaces.

When a CCG signs up their nursing home data is rolled up to a top level portal which all CCGs can access. This portal has ALL the details from ALL care homes registered with us, the CCG discharge co-ordinators are then given access to this portal. This allows discharge co-ordinators to find beds in ALL areas, not just their own.


Judy requires a residential care package. Judy lives in Cornwall. Her son and his family live in Manchester. The discharge co-ordinator can now locate a suitable home for Judy near her family... it is that simple...

CCGs can opt out of this service if they wish - but we have yet to have any CCG opt out of National Link

Sundown Encryption

All traffic is sent via SSL and our patented secondary encryption process.

The primary weakness of all major current encryption techniques is the fact that hackers can intercept enough packets to decrypt the private key

Sundown Encryption uses disposable one-time keys with randomised start addresses inside the keys

Each message has a new key generated, so even if the key is decrypted, it will only be usable to decrypt that one message that was sent.

There are 4 seperate encryption operations performed on each message using randomly generated time sensitive disposable keys.

With the option to place an intermediary DMZ farm in any location you'd like, there is an extreme amount of flexibility in the options for boosting performance, as well as access to users who may not have direct internet access.

Fully Responsive

  • Bed State Tracker is designed to be responsive, flexible and fast so it can work on any device from any location

  • The Front end is powered with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript

  • BedStateTracker works on the following systems (and MORE!)
    • - Windows PCs (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10)
    • - Windows Phone (8, 8.1, 10)
    • - Android Phones & Tablets (4.1+)
    • - iPhone (iOS 6+, iPhone 3GS+)
    • - iPad (iOS 6+, iPad 2+)
    • - Apple Computers (OS X 10.8+)
    • - Safari 7+
    • - FireFox 31+
    • - Chrome 38+
    • - Internet Explorer 8+
    • - Edge

Fully Responsive
Reliable Hosting
Reliable Hosting

Bed state tracker is a fully hosted software as a service solution to Delayed Transfers of Care. No need to install any extra software, no need for any maintenance or support

Built on Microsoft's SharePoint platform to allow for expansion and access to the full content management and collaboration feature set as the product grows.

All of our data centres are located in the UK so data sovereignty is never an issue:

  • - Altham
  • - Clayton
  • - Cornwall

With a 99.9% Uptime SLA backed by a 24/7 365 support desk, you can rest assured that the system will be ready and available any time you need it.

We have a 2 hour Disaster Recovery failover time frame. This is two hours faster than Microsoft's hosted solutions

An On-Premises solution is available upon request and is compatible with:
  • - Office 365 (SharePoint Online)
  • - SharePoint 2010
  • - SharePoint 2013
  • - SharePoint 2016
API Integration

  • We understand that national services (like Digital Pathways) have a need and a network to serve, which is why we have a strong integrated API structure for registered bodies to interface with as the need arises.

  • Our API integration is based on RESTful services and we provide a full suite for total model integration and ETL capabilities based on a Microsoft stack - plus we also provide our own patented dual layer encryption for the whole process to ensure that every byte of data is dual encrypted in flight and at rest.

  • This service is aimed primarily at NHS England and is not open to third parties unless the correct and relevant approval is sought and granted.

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